Flavor World


Flavor originated 8 years ago as a middle school daydream of mine. A few shirts were made using iron on transfer paper. Me and my friends would throw the Flavor shirts on and skateboard around town. It acted as something to represent us and our style.

This 7th grade business endeavor faded away, as we only had the finances and attention-span of 7th graders. But the vision of Flavor stayed with us. 

6 years later, we finish our freshman year of college and are sick having our heads in books all day. We felt a great desire for more creative outlets. This is when we remembered that 7th grade dream, FLAVOR. We fell back in love with it.

I spent months learning to screen-print, and learning the basics of business and fashion. I defined the brands message and added to the name. Flavor World stands for 3 things: creativity, positivity, and chasing what you love. 

Everyone should be creating something, and why not be positive while you do it? The creative spectrum is broad, theres is a flavor in there for everyone. ONLY being a consumer is a dangerous thing.

To us, the flavors of life are the things that make life worth living. Whatever it is that drives you, inspires you, makes you truly happy, it is these things we call flavors. 

By creating the company Flavor World, not only do we get to immerse ourselves in what makes us happy, but we hope to inspire others to chase the things that’ll make them smile. 

Find a new hobby, go travel around Europe, draw a picture, write a story, ask a girl out, give a gift to someone, bleach your hair! No matter what it is, chase the things that’ll make you happy. 

Life is too short to waste.

August 2010:  Sully McGeehan doing a backside crooked grind, Kale Donahue in background. Both are wearing the original Flavor graphic where the O was replaced with a chocolate donut.

Making the screen's frames out of pine wood 2x2x8s

Exposing the photo-emulsion to light. This burns the inverse of the graphic into it. The graphic itself will wash out with water.

Screen printing the Flavor World shirts in my mama's dining room. Bless you, mom. 

Sewing tags onto the bottom lip of the shirts with help from the great Jack Matuseski

Many shirts down, many more to go.