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Cakey X Flavor is a collaboration between two kids who like making clothing.

The collaboration began after Matthew (Cakey) reached out to me on Instagram. I instantly was amazed at how similar our styles were and how impressive his work was. We decided to do a collaboration for Drop 6.
The plan was that he would cut and sew 3 unique hoodies, and I would then embellish them with various things.
We are proud to present to you, CAKEY x FLAVOR

**Only one of each has been made!**

Size: Medium
A blue sleeve sewn onto a yellow hoodie with "Flavor World" screen-printed all over it, front and back. The hoodie string has been swapped out with a pink one, and a jean pocket has been sewn onto the hoodie pocket featuring a hand-painted character by Mr. Cakey himself.

Size: Large
A red hoodie sewn onto a lavender hoodie featuring a mini fleece T-shirt sewn on front and center. The hoodie strings have been swapped out for yellow ones and "Flavor World" has been embroidered on the hood in the same thread color as the hoodie strings.

Size: XL
An orange hoodie with a large green section sweeping through it. 5 pink flowers have been embroidered onto the green part, with "Flavor World" screen printed in pink down the green sleeve. This hoodie also has very subtle embroidery on the hood that reads "Flavor World" but since the embroidery was done with the same color as the hoodie fabric, it only creates a texture difference. Subtle, yet amazing when noticed.